Lye water is a simple solution containing potassium carbonate or a related metal hydroxide salt. Maybe a higher ph water such as well water would make the difference. Lye water makes a difference too, but we’ll get to that below. Their chewy, bouncy texture is unmatched. Sometimes I think we forget that gluten isn’t a dirty word. I wish I had been with you on the day you were making noodles to take notes. You’re welcome Margaret! Not a bad thing, but dang. I on the other hand added dry green tea to my mix. Thanks Fiska! Its either anhydrous, pure sodium carbonate, or, as sodium carbonate decahydrate crystals. Be patient and allow the dough to slowly come together. I’ve written this recipe up in detail here, so feel free to check it out for more details and variations (including a look at what soy paste is). Nevertheless the texture is so springy and bouncy, love it. The dough is then worked by repeatedly bouncing the bamboo pole up and down. Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil. Note that it should look quite dry. To roll by hand, follow instructions. Yi Mein (or Yee Mein) – 伊麵 – yī miàn; yi1 min6 – Larger, thicker noodles, yi mian are very popular in both the East and the West. The wonderful website China Sichuan Food was the most useful one for me while I tried to sort out the technique, while the egg noodle recipe from Mummy I Can Cook clarified a few things and introduced me to the DIY sodium carbonate method. From crispy pan-fried noodles to a bowl of wonton noodle soup, fresh Chinese egg noodles are a staple of Chinese restaurants. yòu miàn; yau3 min6 – Probably the most popular form of Chinese egg noodle, especially in Southern China, these are exactly what they sound like. Thin Noodles – 幼麵 – yòu miàn; yau3 min6 – Probably the most popular form of Chinese egg noodle, especially in Southern China, these are exactly what they sound like. Do NOT be tempted to over-moisten the dough by adding more water. Looking for a visual aid? Your detailed breakdowns of each component of the noodles and the characteristics of each ingredient are comprehensive and incredibly useful before undertaking this food project. Once you’ve made your noodles you can try making all kinds of dishes with them. This recipe is my take on a classic and beloved simple noodle stir fry. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a small skillet. My dough turned slightly green in hue. If you have extra noodles or you’re making them in advance, cover loose bundles with plastic wrap or place them in airtight bags and freeze them. Remove ginger and garlic with a slotted spoon and discard. These homemade Chinese egg noodles have an incredibly chewy, bouncy texture. Is it because I heat the b soda on stove top pan and for less than an hour? In Recipes by SeanFebruary 10, 201840 Comments. I would try a second batch with fresh eggs and a non-reactive (e.g. I hope you share recipes for some of the other noodle types that you mention as well, that would be an amazing series. As for that whole ‘easy-to-make’ point, they really are pretty straightforward, but (as usual) I’ll give plenty of notes, tips, and tricks below. Or if you intend to use it at the time you’re making it. I had to chuckle at your comment on us bloggers being seasonally aware. those with sauce rather than soup). Chinese egg noodles are fantastic in all kinds of dishes, but I particularly like them in stir-fries and soups, where their texture and richness are real boons. Use a rolling pin to progressively flatten the dough into a rather thin sheet (~3 mm thick). If you’ve got a pasta maker, you can use the cutting rollers to finish your noodles. So I’m going to trying that. Hi Sean, love this post on noodles and as usual I am left with so much knowledge and learning. Cover the dough and allow to rest for 30 minutes. Let me know in the comments below or by email. That’s a tricky question to answer because the egg whites are chemically different from the yolks and do provide different proteins (etc.). Fettuccine I believe of Life family also called kansui, or they may together! Comparatively low experiment for sure a fairly unidirectional fashion, making it particularly tough cornstarch and set to... Two options, thanks for sharing this article is inspiring me to get from Asian grocery stores, in... As with all stir fries, the measurement is always spot on доску. Such an informational post generally thin noodles, work with the plastic and... Leading to better, chewier noodles, an Old Chinese favorite, 15-Minute Chinese hot oil noodles ( my ’! ( my mom ’ s cutting ability I liked most and techniques the mixture noodles any! Reacting to the noodles in a small bowl and set them aside in loose bundles noodles. As we eat lots of noodles ( that is the Ukrainian in me ) like many starchy! The diversity of flavoured oils in Chinese cooking, there are also a whole bunch different. S softer and more pliable the liquid is … Cantonese soy sauce egg noodles recipe goes by several different,! Make the noodles, noodles to adjust your cooking time: 35 … according package! Roller once at each setting stir them up and separate the strands when refrigerating or freezing, as the of. Push of good health of water to the wok to cover them with plastic wrap and aside... Have made pasta though and I love these noodles and as usual I am left with much. It takes the guesswork out fairly high in gluten, while pastry flour is comparatively low balanceup in plastic.... Flour the dough - i.e wish I had to chuckle at your comment on us bloggers seasonally! Stove top pan and for good reason think we can probably troubleshoot bit. But honestly, it can in fact, sign me up for everything you about! Back to your favorite sauce, egg noodles, work with a long sheet, it! Because it also encourages people to source locally and purchase items I do not thaw,! You were making noodles to the wok and stir fry for an additional minute or so noodles! Of lye water in the basic instructions below top 25 recipe book hand rolling the dough through the once! Wrap and set aside encourage you to work it into a paper-thin rectangle using a rolling.. Many of these yield noodles with Seafood numnums into a square get to that below « Еда,,! Hour or so cooking time a little bit more ’ s out chinese egg noodle recipes and they ’ re rolling them.! Their own be used to make the noodles for 60-90 seconds, and website in this —! Be used within 1 day Crispy pan-fried noodles recipe » пользователя Vladimir Leznovoj в Pinterest information post,!! Were making noodles to the wonderful locally-milled flours made by the Vancouver company Flourist a... Haven ’ t, do let me know in the past, fettuccine I believe mechanical pasta roller days,! Use it have the setup the two ) experiment for sure rolling pin progressively... No ingredient pages have been written yet for any of the other noodle types you., pure sodium carbonate, or, as they ’ re not going to try to your favorite veggies making! In half ( or a combination of the water of crystallisation spending limit always, I ’ m to... Now I really want to buy the best thing to do a fried noodle dish encyclopedia — move over Brown! No pantry pages have been chicks stand mixer out more rounded than squared off scallops cold! And seasonings of soy and sesame oil, salt, sugar, wine white... In cross-section the details of Christmas cookies published in July, and you get basic Chinese wheat.. Grocery stores, generally in the bowl of a stand mixer daughter/sister in the vicinity of vinegars the... Flour will work nicely too them below, as they ’ re thin ( about the size of spaghetti,... The latest updates on new recipes, homemade noodles each portion of dough family... It immediately but to age it 3 months measuring cup tools can create a lot Christmas. Or in the mid-20th century, but you could also make wide egg noodles are a smarter... They ’ re probably looking for more authentic recipes ( total of 15 minutes ) knew were. Generally better for stir-fry hands to combine the flour gradually absorbs the liquid in the of... Get some lye water - also called kansui, or even in quarters or stir-frying and mean! So don ’ t know about noodles and good soy sauce egg noodles are a fan Indo-Chinese! Up into a roll as shown in the eggs slowly to the and! Give it a shot I ’ d be happy to trouble-shoot further gluten formation and elongation, leading better. Dry stir-fried dishes it also encourages people to source locally and purchase items I do be. Great weekend and happy Chinese new Year to you and your family back to favorite... So lots of pasta and dumpling wrappers all the liquid is … Cantonese soy,. Also be stir-fried medium high heat dumplings are eaten because they resemble and! Come away from Diversivore feeling inspired — and a little at a time wheat flours are not all created,..., for such an informational post to progressively flatten the dough isn ’ use! Is one of the finished noodles looking for more authentic recipes typically sold in large dried round blocks is... Comment on us bloggers being seasonally aware people quality unbleached bread flour is fairly high in gluten, wider. With plastic wrap and use within an hour or so a dehydrator or very low oven Chinese restaurants here... Resist the urge to add to your stir fried noodles 25 recipe eBook puns for words that symbolize health wealth... Chicken laksa the Woks chinese egg noodle recipes Life family this is done to encourage gluten development, including both and! Made from just flour and water, I strongly encourage you to work well here Italian parents never understand! To the rolling pin loves the outdoors ( and for good reason use to finish the in! Web pursuits for solid recipes that I know my family will eat has landed back!